The Best Photostick? Your Photostick Review


Photostick, a small USB Flash Drive type device that offers you a brilliant and convenient way of backing up photos and videos, quickly and efficiently. It’s a nifty little storage stick device that is perfect in making your life easier when it comes to backing up your valuable data. In this Photo stick reviews, learn exactly what this device is and what the product can do and determine if it’s the best photo stick for you.

Protect your family memories in ONE CLICK with this amazing new invention!

Keep your favorite photos and videos saved somewhere besides your home computer, or else you’re asking for trouble.

140,000 hard drives CRASH in our country EVERY WEEK.*

Wedding photos, the kid’s first steps, graduations, anniversaries – ALL GONE.

But what if there was an easy, instant way to back up all those precious memories?

Guess what…there is!


Imagine being able to sort and save TENS of THOUSANDS of photos and videos, with practically no effort (or recurring costs). Then, being able to tuck those golden memories away in any safe place you please!

Meet The Photostick​: The Ultimate One-Click Back-up Device

Nobody wants to spend their precious time finding and organizing their memories onto a single storage device that can crash anytime. What about a professional digital photo organizer? It can cost hundreds – EASILY!

Meet ThePhotoStick – quite possibly the simplest, least-expensive digital organizer on the market! Here’s how it works:

Photostick is a new product designed as a convenient way to backup files in seconds. After the huge success of photostick, manufacturer has launched advanced version for better accessibility.

memorysafex photostick

Photographs of our loved ones’ latest birthdays, snapshots from our most recent family vacation and short videos of our grandchildren’s first steps. It’s all there in one convenient location, and that’s great! But you’re asking for trouble.

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Which is why this new device is absolutely treat! It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free!

Step 1: Plug ThePhotoStick into your computer (works for both Mac and Windows).

Step 2: Open the program.

Step 3: Click ‘GO’….and FINISHED!!!

That’s it. ONE click and you’re DONE. No-nonsense. No hassle. No time lost.

Unlike ordinary thumb drives or bulky external drives, ThePhotoStick starts organizing your photos from the second you click “GO”. It instantly scans every inch of your computer, searches through every file and folder for your photos and videos, and automatically downloads and backs up all your photos and videos. Memory lane is now safe and secure!

PLUS, it identifies duplicates and automatically saves a single version – maximizing storage space!

Think about it. What would normally take HOURS….and HOURS…..and HOURS of searching, selecting, saving, and organizing (or cost $$$ if handled by a professional) can be done for you in a single button click.

What is PhotoStick?

The Photo Stick is a compact and lightweight USB thumb drive designed to backup your photos by finding them through a thorough archive scan. To use ThePhotoStick, no technical know-how is needed. ThePhotoStick is a groundbreaking device designed to back up information in seconds. It looks just like a pen drive. It contains software that scans over storage for photos you missed. Not only does PhotoStick work on images, but it can also locate photos and video recordings. Thephotostick can keep your photos and videos safe and protected in its memory (up to 60,000 of them, and this is a crazy amount).

Traditional standard USB thumb drives.

Smaller than their external hard-drive counter parts, so that’s a plus. But usually comes in much smaller sizes and their writing speed much slower also. The biggest up side they have on their external hard-drive counter parts is their small size, making them much more convenient to carry around.

Another plus is that you can typically find decent quality USB thumb drives for cheap. Much cheaper compared to external hard-drives or subscribing to a cloud storage service.

Here’s The Remarkable Part…

Would you believe me if I said you can get a PhotoStick for only $34.99? Yep – it’s true! Heck, you can even have 8X the storage for ONLY $15.00 more!

Compare that to complicated, expensive external hard drives that can cost a KING’S RANSOM – and still don’t deliver HALF of the value of ThePhotoStick.

Drastically reduce the risk of keeping your memories on the computer. Protect THOUSANDS of priceless photos and videos in ONE CLICK – for less than a bag of groceries!

Take full advantage of this offer while you can. If your photos and videos are golden, then ThePhotoStick is priceless!  

Why not cloud storage? (DropboxBox etc)

Cloud storage can be great alternatives of local storage. Right? But there is a catch.

Not everyone can and should not afford these pocket heavy services. It costs more money than it should! These are the reasons we backup our digital media files, right? We want to make sure our memories are safe, secure, organized, and easily accessible. But not at the cost of lots of dollar monthly with limited accessibility.

Features Of The Photostick

It’ll be great to start our review with the amazing features of ThePhotoStick in this ThePhotoStick Review.

The Photostick is designed to find photos and videos on your computer or phone. Just plug it in the USB slot and select “Go”. It’ll take few minutes to do the magic. It scan all the locations files in your entire drive to make sure not to miss a thing. After, it removes all duplicate files, so you don’t have to worry about memory space.

  1. Quick And Instant – Earlier we had to manually organize or filter out files. It was really difficult and time consuming. This is a huge problem! ThePhotoStick is a great device in terms of how quick and instant it is. It works automatically! It has been developed in such a way that it has been engineered to work so efficiently.
  2. Works On All Kinds Of Format – ThePhotoStick supports JPG, JPEG, MP3 or PNG media files. This small and compact device is capable of saving all kinds of files whether they are images or videos.
  3. Easy File Backup – Yes there is cloud storage, but for that you have to create an account and have an internet connection to access the cloud from different accounts. With ThePhotoStick, you just need to insert this USB Device into your PC or Laptop USB driver and it will automatically start backing up the moment you press ‘GO’.
  4. You Don’t Need A Wi-Fi Connection – As mentioned above, unlike cloud storage with ThePhotoStick you don’t need an internet connection. You can carry this device with yourself everywhere without having the stress of maintaining an internet connection. ThePhotoStick is just like your hard drive which is more portable, more versatile and efficient.
  5. Easy To Operate – 30-Day money-back guarantee & 1 Year Warranty — If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may quickly return it, hassle-free!
  6. Compatible On All Sorts Of Devices – ThePhotoStick supports Windows, MAC, IOS And Android, it works on all devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.

Why choose the Photostick

The most focal perk of this product is that it is one of the most prominent and effective tools for successfully transferring files for backup. While the struggle of losing out on your favorite and cherishing pictures can be saddening, you have nothing to be sad about. The Photostick chiefly works to give you the most valuable and worthwhile experience of a lifetime. The operation of this product is another reason why you should choose it. It is profoundly easy and convenient to access. Now, encounter the most hassle-free experience of using this product.

How Many Photos Can You Save (Storage Capacity)

First things first, you want to consider the storage capacity of the ThePhotostick and the PhotoStick Mobile flash drives. Since the whole concept of a photo stick is to take photos and save them, you want to make sure you get one that has plenty of storage space. Most traditional USB devices have quite a few different options, but ThePhotostick has 3 different option sizes, which could actually make things a little easier.

The first storage size for ThePhotostick device is 8GB. This will give you space to hold around 3,500 photos. The next size is 64GB, which can hold around 30,000 photos. The 3rd and final size is 128GB. This can hold an impressive 60,000 photos. One big thing to keep in mind is that you might get a lower or higher number of photographs, depending on the size of them. For example, having a bunch of smaller photos means you’ll be able to store more than you would if all of your images were big.

How Does ThePhotoStick Work?

To give you a clearer picture of this device in this ThePhotoStick Review, I must explain to you, how easy saving files with ThePhotoStick really is. Let me explain to you how this device works.

  1. ThePhotoStick takes only two simple steps to operate.
  2. First you need to plug it into an empty USB port of your PC, Laptop or Tablet. Then a dialogue box will automatically popup which will have a “Go” button, make sure you click on that and give ThePhotoStick to work
  3. ThePhotoStick works really fast. The quickness of ThePhotoStick also depends upon the number of files on your drive or PC. A full scan will take about 60 seconds. It will automatically detect files that might have been deleted or lost. You can also search your music and other document files.It will automatically create a backup of your files that allows you to your files from other devices.
  4. ThePhotoStick pops up with these following options that are “Options”,“View”, “Files” and “Help”.
  5. The moment you insert ThePhotoStick in your PC’s USB drive, in the next couple of seconds a window will appear. Make Sure you press “Go” to allow the device to function.
  6. ThePhotoStick then starts it’s scanning process on your hard drive, it is also capable of finding lost documents, photos and videos.

Benefits of Using ThePhotoStick

There are some cool benefits of using ThePhotoStick that I feel I must mention in this ThePhotoStick Review so that It’ll help you to figure out more about this device.

  1. More Efficiency – You don’t need to manually sort those files yourself and spend your whole day managing them. With ThePhotoStick organizing and sorting out files, images and videos is really quick and fast.
  2. Save Money – You don’t need to spend your money on cloud storage subscription. All you need to do is purchase ThePhotoStick that is a one time buy and be stress free about storage and access to those files.
  3. No More Loss Of Files – No more stress and tension about losing files, photos or videos. A lot of time our systems crash down and we often lose our files. With ThePhotoStick you don’t need to worry about such situations because it’s thee to scan and save your files.

How To Buy?

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Where Can You Find Us?

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ThePhotoStick Troubleshooting

How to Reset Photostick to Factory Defaults.

If you decide to run the “Reset To Factory Defaults” option in the ThePhotostick program it will do the following things to it:

1. It will delete any thumbnails it can find
2. Delete the My_Files folder and all subfolders and files located in My_Files
3. It deletes the entire ThePhotoStick folder as well as subfolders and files located inside.
4. Any settings you might have changed will be deleted and replaced with default ones.

This process will not remove any files on your computer hard drive, it only removes files from the Photo Stick USB.

Frequently Asked Question

In this The Photo Stick review, I will answer some of your frequently asked questions about this product. Keep your eye out for a special deal too!

How much does Photostick cost?

You can’t put a price on memories, but you can do your best to preserve them. ThePhotoStick makes this process simple and affordable. When considering the safety and security of your history captured in photos and videos, certainty is invaluable. ThePhotoStick is the ultimate value in protecting what’s most precious to you. It starts at only $29.99 and includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You even have the option of choosing the right amount of storage for your needs. ThePhotoStick comes in 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB, providing you with options for your peace of mind. We certainly recommend this device for those who want to back up their precious memories both easily and affordably.

Who’s PhotoStick for?

The PhotoStick device is expertly designed for finding personal videos and pictures on your computer. Anyone who has pictures and wants to store them in a proper manner that is easily accessible should use PhotoStick. If you never seem to have enough storage space for your photos and videos, then getting this device (PhotoStick) can be of great assistance. You will finally be able to backup cherished memories of you and your family. Going back in time is possible through past photos and videos. Save yourself several hours of tracking your photos by simply making a click and waiting for the device to work its magic.

Which computers can I use the PhotoStick for?

PhotoStick works with most computer systems, including Windows and Mac. The compatibility of the PhotoStick device to most computer systems enables you to use it on any computer with the following systems. Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
Mac: From Mac OS X Version 10.7 and newer versions.

What if I Have More Than One Device With a Lot of Photos and Videos?

No problem. You can use PhotoStick with multiple computers. When you backup memories from more than one computer, it organizes the photos and videos for each computer by its name that you gave it when you initially set your computer up. Ordinary thumb drives can’t do that! Expensive external hard drives can’t do that! You simply will not find another device, like PhotoStick, which makes backing up 1,000s of your memories so easy.

What is a PhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick 8 is a new product designed as a convenient way to backup files in seconds. Also called Photo Stick and Photostick, it looks just like the flash drive that you already have. It contains software that searches through folders to find images you lost.
ThePhotoStick 8 is a USB stick that contains the amazing software and storage that makes it easy to find all your photos and videos on your Mac or PC and easily save them to the USB stick. ThePhotoStick protects your photo and video memories that are on your Windows or Mac computer.

Does PhotoStick work with iPhone?

It’s called the PhotoStick Mobile. After buying the device at, all you need to download the free app. You plug the gadget directly into your iPhone, iPad or Android to save your images. We’re sorry, an error has occurred when playing video (video format is not supported).

How does a photo stick work?

ThePhotoStick is an innovative USB device with software that automatically scans, finds, organizes and then backs up photos and videos scattered all over your computer, regardless where they were saved.

Does the photo stick work on an iPad?

It’s works like a USB Flash Drive on a Windows PC or on a Macintosh Computer. It has a USB 3.0 connector on one end and an IOS Lightening connector on the other end for use on an iPad or iPhone. So it allows you to transfer a photo from the PC to the iPad, or vice-versa.

How much does a photo stick cost?

Normally, PhotoStick sells for $39 + shipping. At that price and with a 50% Discount this offer is the absolute VALUE FOR MONEY. It has all features needed to satisfy anyone! If you want 100% certainty that you have a hard copy of all of your memories, then PhotoStick is the only reliable option.

Does the photo stick work on iPhones?

It’s called the PhotoStick Mobile. After buying the device at, all you need to download the free app. You plug the gadget directly into your iPhone, iPad or Android to save your images. We’re sorry, an error has occurred when playing video (video format is not supported).

How many photos does a photo stick hold?

The 64 model has 64 GB of storage and can hold up to 30,000 photos. You’ll also find the Photo Stick 128, which is the largest model available.

How do I back up photos to a stick?

ThePhotoStick is an innovative USB device with software that automatically scans, finds, organizes and then backs up photos and videos scattered all over your computer, regardless where they were saved. That way, you can be confident that ALL your precious memories are backed up

Is there a photo stick for phones?

ThePhotoStick Mobile is a simple device that stores all of your videos and photos. … It plugs directly into your phone, so you transfer your photos and videos without having to plug the PhotoStick into a computer. You can leave your photos on the stick, or you can plug into your PC or Mac and transfer the photos over.

Does Photo Stick work on Mac?

It works just as well with an iPhone as it does with an Android phone, but you can also use it with a Windows computer or a Mac. This tool also functions as a photo stick because you can plug it right into a device and transfer files over. … It is compatible with all file types too.

How long does delivery take to countries outside of the U.S.?

We ship orders out FAST, but we can’t control carrier transit times. For orders outside the USA, please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.

How does the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

All products are backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, starting on the day of shipping. To be eligible for a refund, products must returned within 30 days and be in “new condition” in original / unopened packaging or have a manufacturing defect.

Can I use ThePhotoStick as an ongoing back-up solution?

Yes. Many people leave the ThePhotoStick plugged in and do a weekly back-up to make sure they are continually protecting their memories.

What photo file size is used when we say the 64GB version can store 30,000 photos and the 128GB version can store 60,000 photos?

We use an average photo file size of 2MB for our calculation. We picked this size for our calculation because it is the approximate size of an 8MP photo saved in a jpeg format. Some file sizes are much larger, such as camera RAW files, movie files such as .mov and .mp4, and photos taken with cameras that can take photos greater than 8MP, so the number of photos that can be stored on ThePhotoStick can vary.

Does ThePhotoStick need to install anything on my computer?

No. ThePhotoStick does not need to install anything on your computer, nor does it require anything to be already installed on your computer. ThePhotoStick comes with everything it needs — you simply need to plug it into an available USB slot and it’s ready to run.

Concluding Our ThePhotoStick Review

I feel ThePhotoStick is a must buy because it reduces a lot of stress of manually saving or scanning or deleting files, images and videos from your PC or computer. There are tons of benefits of having such a device with yourself. Just like me if you too face this issue of missing files, deleted files, lost files or deliberately deleting files just to get enough space left on your hard drive, then I must say that ThePhotoStick is best for you.

You save a lot of time, you don’t need to spend extra dollars on cloud storage and you get to access your files from anywhere because ThePhotoStick is portable and easy to operate. ThePhotoStick can be easily used by anyone of any age. You just need to plugin the device in your PC’s USB port and then a window will show up, just click ‘Go’ and let the magic happen automatically. ThePhotoStick does not require an internet connection therefore you can use or access your files from anywhere without the need of an internet connection.